Drivers with expired foreign car permits face arrest

Drivers of vehicles with expired foreign registration permits face prosecution as the government moves to tighten the noose on tax cheats.

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) said motorists caught with expired permits will be arrested on the spot.

“Foreign permits are only valid for 90 days from the date of issue and anyone with expired permits are required to regularise them with the KRA Customs Department at the point of entry),” said NTSA in a public announcement.

According to KRA, vehicles with less than 2,000cc engine capacity pay Sh2,000 for a one-month permit and Sh5,000 for a three-month licence. Those of 2,001cc and above pay Sh4,000 for a one-month licence and Sh10,000 for three months.

To get a licence, one is required to submit an application to a customs officer at the point of entry together with a foreign vehicle registration book.

The number of foreign-registered vehicles has increased significantly since the East African Community started implementing a full-fledged customs union in 2010 to ease cross-border movement of people.

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According to Kenyan laws, private vehicles registered in EAC member countries — Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi — the permits are issued free of charge for seven days and after that the stipulated fees are paid.

The permit may be renewed upon expiry every three months but not for more than 12 months. Those who flout the law risk paying a Sh200,000 or be jailed for six months or both.

The traffic laws further stipulate that repeat offenders will be required to pay a Sh500,000 fine or be imprisoned for one year or both.

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