DRAMA In Parliament as NASA MPs Walk Out Protesting Uhuru Introducing Laws To Facilitate Rigging October Presidential Election

NASA MPs after they walked out of parliament chambers protesting illegalities in the passing of the Election Laws amendment Bill

The empty propaganda being spun around by Uhuru, Ruto and Jubilee that Uhuru’s election was annulled by Supreme Court due to difficulty in technicalities arising from transmission failures is a total farce.

Uhuru purported election was annulled not because electronics failed but because Uhuru and his network were caught red handed engaging in massive electoral fraud by circumventing the electronic architecture laid out by IEBC.

The court exposed how physical F34s could not match electronic F34s. The Military Intelligence Officers they had secretly appointed as special Returning Officers totally failed in their election chicanery assignment. That is why Jubilee and their agents in IEBC defied Supreme Court orders to open the RTS server for scrutiny or avail verifiable server logs for examination by experts. Shameless thieves!

Today, many ordinary people who followed the petition know that it is simply because of electoral laws that they were unable to get away with the theft this time around.

Therefore the election law amendment currently being pursued by Uhuru is to enable fraud to take place without detection and to disable and incapacitate courts of law from annulling such sham elections.

Basically Uhuru is nurturing a dictatorship disguised as a democracy. For his part, Ruto has panicked as he watches his 2022 election rigging network being dismantled.


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