Drama at City Hall as ODM youths try to eject health boss

There was drama at City Hall on Thursday after angry youths stormed the offices of the County Executive for health baying for his blood as they accused him of incompetency and micromanagement of the health department.

The about 100 youths stormed Dr Benard Muia’s office led by ODM youths chairman, Nairobi Jonah Onyango who said they had decided to hold to account all county departments to account.

They accused Dr Muia of failing to follow a provision of the law that provides for youths, women and the disabled to get 30 per cent of tenders.

However, they did not find Dr Muia in his office as he was out on official duty according to himself but the youths claimed he went into hiding after being tipped of their motive.

“We matched to his office to have a conversation but he ran away,” said Mr Onyango.

He also accused Dr Muia of appointing and transferring staff across the city while serving as the acting county secretary.

They cited a case at Mbagathi hospital where he recently rejected a board appointed staff and went ahead to appoint someone else in the same position.

Dr Muia is also being accused of heading city health facilities that have deteriorated and lack drugs and essential services besides a depleted human resource base.

But in his defence, the county executive said that he was not in office during the time of the drama as he was attending a health meeting at Lillian Towers and that he only heard about the incident on his return to office.

Speaking in his office, Dr Muia said he will not allow people to deter him from executing his job.

“I hear when I was in a function, some youths came in my office…I am in the office performing my duty and I will continue to execute my duties efficiently and effectively without fear of intimidation till the end of my term,” said Dr Muia.

He insisted that he respects the power of the appointing authority — Dr Evans Kidero — and that he had not received any allegation made by the youths.

He said that people should not put a wedge between the governor and the people he appointed as he condemned the act.

To him, it was normal for people in leadership positions to be fought and sabotaged by people who do not want to see development and a good track record.

“This things should be factual. I have been in this department for two years and in Pumwani, babies used to be stolen but since then no child has been stolen; there is 120 new bed capacity at Mbagathi and the best mortuary is built in Mbagathi with a capacity of 112 bodies and turned 17 health facility to 24hours,” boasted Dr Muia.

The health boss is the second officer to be targeted by the youths, the first being chief officer, sub-county administration Dr John Ntoiti who they accused of presiding over massive corruption.

Dr Ntoiti was given a two-week ultimatum to vacate office over the alleged corruption under his watch but he has since denied the allegations.

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