Drama as boda boda men parade suspected defiler in Nyamira

This man only identified as Kerandi was cornered with a school girl in his pub in Nyamira Town. Unlike days back when mob justice would turn to ‘mob injustice,’ this time round, the residents who jerked him out of his guest rooms where he is reported to have detained the girl overnight only frogmatched him for about one and half kilometers, parading him along the busy highway, until they dekeivered him to the custodians of the law. He was booked at Nyamira Police Station where OCS Alex Mumo thanked the people for upholding rule of law. PHOTO:STANLEY ONGWAE/STANDARD

Hell broke loose for a popular bar owner in Nyamira after he was arrested for defiling a school girl.

The 50-year-old man was arrested by boda boda riders in Nyamira town who claimed to have found the girl in the man’s bar.

The 13-year-old girl said the man lured her into his bar while returning from the river and forced her to spend the entire Monday night in one of the guest rooms in the pub.

According to the girl, the suspect and another man, who was not found in the premises, defiled her in turns.

“I was carrying water on my head when the man (she pointed to the man) asked me to take the container off my head because he had something he wanted to give to my mother. But he took me to the bar and slept with me before another man came and did the same thing to me,” said the minor.

Business came to a momentary halt as motorcyclists paraded the man and the girl along the road.


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They escorted them and handed them over to officers at Nyamira police station.

Nyamira OCS Alex Mumo thanked the public for not taking the law into their hands by punishing the suspect.

The girl’s mother said she had looked for her the whole night  to no avail.


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