Dr Ekuru Aokot To Issue List of Demands Bigger Than Raila’s Irreducible Minimum

If you thought Raila Odinga’s demands for reforms were tough, wait until you see the demands that Ekuru Aukot has, including solving of the murder of Chris Msando before any election takes place. Of course, John the son of our soil has just become Jubilee’s best friend, despite the malaria Mativo has unleashed on IEBC and Al-Gunia who thought they had the ballot papers locked. With Raila’s check-mate, redemption for legitimacy – the bravado and faecal matter about a coronation notwithstanding – is critical for Uhuruto. With only two weeks to go, anyone with a pulse will do for a name on the ballot.

Thing is though, Aukot is a constitutionalist. Hell, he was front and centre in the drafting of the constitution. He has the opportunity of a generation to further cement his name into the political psyche of the nation. If I was his political strategist *cough*, I’d advise him to use this opportunity to speak to every single voter by making a stand for a just society, and as Uncle David likes to say, respect and fidelity to the constitution and strict adherence to the rule of law. If he does this, he shouldn’t be shocked about how many anti-establishment votes come his way in the fresh elections after Uncle David’s tenure as Caretaker President expires by January 31st 2018.

What? You thought we were having elections on the 26th because Mativo says Aukot must be on the ballot? Mta pata alama ya mshangao.

Meanwhile, as the country is fascinated by the political chess, there are some thugs masquerading as MPs smuggling through a very unconstitutional and illegal electoral reform bill. They’re hoping we won’t notice. The changes they’re proposing are as dangerous as the Section 2A amendment Moi shoved down our throats in our previous constitution. For those who don’t read, it’s the part that tries to make Uhuru a dictator without mentioning it.

Sing along with me now “Oh Oh KANU ya jenga nchi” 😁


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