DPP Keriako Tobiko says he supports plan to get new office

Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko has refuted claims that he  has been a stumbling block to acquisition of new offices which his department will share with Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.
The two institutions have been seeking to acquire new offices since last year and efforts have not borne fruit.

Mr Tobiko in a letter dated April 3, 2017 says that he is “shocked” by remarks attributed to Justice and Legal affairs committee Chairman Samuel Chepkonga that DPP and EACC are engaged in supremacy wars  as they seek to acquire the new premises.

Mr Chepkonga was quoted in the media saying that  DPP had claimed he is senior to EACC and therefore should lead in the process of acquisition of a new office building. EACC has been the lead institution in  buying of new offices.

“These reports are not only false, inaccurate and misleading but have the potential of driving a wedge between the two institutions. They also greatly domain the image and standing of my Office in the eyes of the public,” wrote Mr Tobiko.


On January 20, Mr Tobiko had written to EACC  pursuing the progress on the acquisition of the building. He noted that EACC had gone ahead to  evaluate the tender, negotiate and agree on the purchase of flamingo without the involvement of DPP office. He said he was in full support for acquisition of the office premises.

“However, it is important that as the intended co-owners of the building, my office should be fully involved in the process,” he noted.

The two institutions had sought to buy Flamingo Towers in the city  but the tender process was stopped after valuation reports between government and privately hired valuers  greatly differed.

In the final analysis it was  found that the government valuer had placed the property was worth 2.4 billion while  valuation done in the open market by Gimco limited had placed the building at 3.1 building.

Negotiations between EACC and the property owners had seen the two agree to have it cost Sh2.68 billion.

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