Don’t mistake divergent views for attacks on state, Atwoli tells NGO Board

COTU has castigated the NGOs regulator following its decision to deregister charitable bodies perceived to be allied to the opposition.

Francis Atwoli said in a statement on Monday that the move will deny citizens the right to expression as entrenched in the Constitution.

The COTU secretary general said Kenyans must be allowed to express their views on topical national issues unconditionally.

“The NGO Coordinating Board’s actions attests to an organisation hell-bent on oppressing this important Constitutional

“Divergent views should be not be construed as an attack on the government. Kenyans should be allowed to express themselves
freely,” Atwoli said.

He said the decision to shut KHRC, Kenya Empowerment Foundation and AfriCOG casts aspersions on the government’s commitment to respect the supreme law.

“The grounds given for the deregistration of the three bodies are totally unacceptable and unjustifiable,” Atwoli said.

The worker’s union boss said move denotes that Kenya is sliding back to days when agencies were used to frustrate citizen’s constitutional gains.

“We call upon President Uhuru Kenyatta to avoid such retrogressive acts
under his leadership,” said Atwoli.

He spoke even as KHRC said it will go to court to challenge NGO Board director Fazul Mahamed’s directive.

The latter asked CBK to freeze the organisation’s funds on claimsit is operating illegal bank accounts, employing expatriates fraudulently and failing to account for funds.

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