Dont Lose Your Independence!

As the wife your role as the homemaker is well cut out, and you better roll up your sleeves and play it well; for success in your marriage depends solely on it. As the homemaker you are responsible to create an emotional stable atmosphere in the home. A place where each member has the freedom to express their joys and sadness without feeling guilty or condemned. You are responsible to create an atmosphere of emotional security independence for each family member is recognized and celebrated. You are responsible to create an empowering emotional atmosphere which allows daughters to learn to be mothers and homemakers, and boys to be responsible fathers. This is quite a huge responsibility,  which necessitates the existence of a specific conducive environment, from which you the homemaker will operate from. Independence is one perfect environment you need to operate from. Independence is the quality of being directly responsible for your actions and speech based on knowing what is required of you, and the knowledge that there are inherent resources. Independence is when you the home maker takes stock of your natural, emotional, psychological and physical endowment, and use them to execute your mandate. Independence is working to ensure that you have peace of mind to properly engage your brain in your role as the homemaker. As the home maker you need more of your personality resources to function correctly, more than anything you can get from your hubby or your children.Independence is ensuring you have a sane internal environment to engage your spirit, your emotions and mind to create a safe and harmonious external environment for your husband and children to operate from. Its a personal initiative. It does not depend so much on your husband or children. Its the environment you set for them which frees them to interact with you cordially and respectfully. The best resource God endowed you with for the homemaking mandate is your heart with which you connect with Him to tap the divine power. Secondly, God gave you a mind with which you make choices and decisions commensurate to your abilities, within the context of homemaking.God gave you emotions to use be able to premeditate the atmosphere you want to create in your home. You can be able to gauge whether the atmosphere you have created in your home is one would have loved if you were the one on the receiving end. Your emotions should not be used to rough up you husband, your children and anyone in the house. Your emotions are a special resource you should use to creatively craft an atmosphere that your husband, and children can feel free to express their emotions in times of joy or sadness. In other words, you have it all in you to be able to be a home maker. No more excuses, you now know better. Independence is all you need to demonstrate and you will be the best homemaker in your world.

Share your experience with me on how you have handled homemaking in your home. I would like to hear you specific thoughts on independence.

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