”Dont Blame Raila for Economic Slow down, It’s Jubilee Fault” Hon Njenga

By Ephraim Njega

Things are so twisted in this country. The two Jubilee leaders have been on a nonstop campaign trail since November last year.

They haven’t done any work for a whole year other than attending rallies to spew vitriol against Raila and shopping for supporters from the opposition side. They do not even have time to hold Cabinet meetings. The country has been on autopilot moving from one crisis to the next.

Yet in all this Jubilee supporters believe Raila is the cause of all problems in this country. Even if Raila were to retire from politics today, this country will continue to diminish in every aspect because of bad governance and incapable leadership.

Jubilee supporters should know that Raila is not their enemy. Jubilee is our collective enemy as a country. This is the government that has collapsed our economy and rundown the country.

Everyday Jubilee remains in office the country sinks further. Every second Jubilee is in office our fortunes stumble, our future dims and our hope is defeated. Fortunately, it is in our power to end the madness if only we could think with clarity and act with courage.

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