Don’t be duped by NASA, it’s no change agent as claimed — vote for JP, Uhuru tells Malindi

President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday urged Kilifi residents to vote for him and his Jubilee team, “as NASA is not the agent of change it claims to be”.

He said his administration has a solution to the development needs of the nation and seeks to build on the transformational foundation that is delivering direct benefits to Kenyans.

Uhuru accused NASA of focussing on individual interests.

“The choice for Kenyans at the August 8 polls will be between Jubilee’s economic progression and the opposition’s retrogressive politics,” he said.

“We have an agenda for Kenya. We have an agenda for Kilifi. We have an agenda for Malindi — an agenda to make the lives of our people better and to bring prosperity to our nation. We have an agenda to bring our people together.”

Uhuru criticised NASA “for trying to take the country backwards” in the belief that the only way to ascend to power is by dividing Kenyans on ethnic lines. Their propaganda and lies will not prevail, he said.

The JP candidate spoke on the campaign trail in Malindi.

He pleaded with residents not to be duped into voting for NASA, which is out to benefit itself at the expense of delivering development for Kenyans.

Uhuru emphasised that the Jubilee agenda is to spread development countrywide for the benefit of all 45 million wananchi.

“We have implemented more projects in Kilifi county during the short duration we’ve been in office than all previous governments have done.We want to continue with the same trend until we address all your development needs,” he said.

He was accompanied by Deputy President William Ruto and other Jubilee leaders.

Uhuru said it is upon Kenyans to decide on August 8 whether they will follow NASA’s direction driven by divisive politics and hatred or Jubilee’s direction that provides hope for the future.

Deputy President Ruto said NASA has sensed defeat and wants to use the courts to delay the election.

“But we are telling them that Kenyans are ready for the election and will not allow it to be delayed beyond the August 8 date,” he said.

Uhuru assured residents of the Coast that his administration will solve the problem of squatters the same way it has done in other parts of the country, including those on the Waitiki farm who are now proud owners of parcels.

He lashed out at NASA leaders for saying his administration intends to grab land for the expansion of Malindi International Airport, assuring residents that those whose land will be used will be compensated adequately.

They highlighted development projects initiated in the county to boost its economy, including roads.


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