Doctors refute Embu aspirant injury claims, police to probe

Police in Embu are investigating claims by an MCA aspirant that he collapsed after being attacked by a rival gang.

Morris Nyaga is vying for Kirimari MCA seat in Embu Town against County Assembly deputy speaker Ibrahim Swaleh, who is running as an independent candidate.

Nyaga was rushed to Tenri Hospital in Embu after collapsing during a campaign rally in Dallas Area at the weekend.

However, doctors said they could not find any injuries in his body.

“We have done all tests and there is no physical injury at all. However, his Blood Pressure is high. We admitted him for observation. His BP was 60/106, that may have made him collapse,” said Dr James Njamiu on Wednesday.

He said the candidate has been discharged because his blood pressure has now stabilised.

“I think his supporters may have exaggerated claiming he was beaten, but there’s no physical injury. As a hospital we have to be neutral. We have to be fair and report what we have seen critically,” Njamiu said on phone.

Nyaga’s supporters had claimed a rival supporter emerged from the crowd and snatched a microphone, then hit him with it.

The incident allegedly took place in Dallas Area, where Nyaga, a Jubilee candidate, was campaigning last week.

“We have reported this to the police and they are investigating,” Nyaga said yesterday.

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