Did Justice Njoki Ndungu Lie? Not Possible That She Read And Verified 11000 Forms 34As In Less Than 20 Days


Justice Njoki Ndung’u wrote 440 pages of dissent. She read it in full for 4-hours.

The other judges in the interest of time summarized their judgement.

Njoki Ndung’u claimed that she checked/verified the 11,000 missing IEBC forms & personally analyzed them (as she reports on pages 278-403 of her judgement doc). 11,000 forms? If we give her say 2 mins to analyze one form, 11,000 x 2 mins=22,000÷60 =366hrs. Assuming she worked 16hr days, that means 22 days for perusal only.

Fact: It was not humanely possible for her to cross-check the forms PERSONALLY and at the same time write the judgement.

Who wrote the judgement?


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