Devolution can make the Presidency less of an obsession for Kenyans

Only devolution can free Kenyans from their national
obsession with power at the very top – the Presidency.

We have just climbed out of devolution’s first
four-and-a-half years since 2013. The first county treasuries, assemblies and
chief executive officers – the governors – have shown Kenyans how the
development story can be brought closer to them. There were triumphs and
disasters, including in the latter category a devolution of corruption,
complete with tenderpreneurs.

Devolution is taking the Kenyan development story to the
grassroots from healthcare and infrastructure and early childhood education development
to any other number of factors.

In this day and age why should cabbages go rotting somewhere
in Central Kenya and fish rot for lack of storage facilities somewhere near
Lake Victoria?

If devolution works as well as it can, the toxicity of the
race for State House would be drained off.

The Presidency isn’t everything. Even in developed nations
like Germany and the USA, the counties are run by governors and a federal system.
In the states, people who were first governors have gone on to make excellent

The second term of devolution should make the national
presidency even less of a life-and-death struggle.

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