Details of Nkaissery’s conversation with county commissioner

On Friday evening at around 7.30 am, Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery called Kajiado County Commissioner Harsama Kello and told him about a fundraiser he was scheduled to attend in Ngatataek in aid of needy school children.

“He told me he would pick me up, in Kajiado, at around 11 am so that I could accompany him to the fundraiser,” Mr Kello said.

“Little did I know that that would be the last time I would be speaking to my boss.”


Ngatataek is about 15 kilometres from Ilbisil town, two kilometres from Rtd Maj Gen Nkaissery’s home.

The town is around 100 kilometres from Nairobi, along Namanga Road.

The people of the dusty town woke up to the shocking news that the Cabinet secretary was no more.

They were trying to come to terms with the fact that the man they expected to meet in Ngatataek would not show up.

“We have lost our father Nkaissery; he took good care of the Maasai people,” Lesan Nchakarian, a resident of Ilbisil, said.

“We request the government to give the seat back to the people of Kajiado. That seat has always been with us.”

They gathered in small groups discussing the tragedy.

When we got to his home at around 7.30 am, we found armed Administration Police officers manning the locked gate, with instructions not to open for anyone.

They said they had received orders to be at the gate by 4 am.

Ilbisil residents demanded investigations into the cause of his demise.


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