Decor for outdoor living

Today’s outdoor spaces are designed with the same comfort and aesthetic standards that have traditionally been associated with the indoors.

Today’s outdoor living space is not just a verandah with a table and a few potted plants. The exterior of a home has literally been turned inside out. They are designed with the same comfort and aesthetic standards that have traditionally been associated with the indoors.

From comfortable lounging and dining areas complete with fire places and entertainment systems to kitchens complete with barbeque sets, ovens, storage and more.

To go with these, a number of decor accessories, specially designed to resist rain, sun, and other weather conditions are now available to help you add some life to your exterior rooms. Here are a few you can consider:

Wall decor

With outdoor wall décor, you can define and decorate outdoor areas with flair and finesse embellishing the beauty of nature with your imagination and skill. All you need is a vertical surface on which you can mount them. That boring boundary wall or even the exterior wall of your house will make for perfect places to start.

Go for unique pieces that complement your theme and add a personal touch to your exterior room.


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Table top art

Similar to wall art, table art is a great way to add character to your outdoor table for an inexpensive price tag. Options can range from simple candles or a bowl of fruits to extravagant flame bowls and flower vases.

Table top decor make for excellent do-it-yourself projects for you and the kids. Nothing is more rewarding than dining around a tailor-made piece that you have crafted by yourself to go with the evening’s menu.

Floral displays

Floral displays are truly timeless. They have donned outdoor living areas for ages and yet they remain as fresh as ever.

Ornate pots can be grown with beautiful plants and displayed to create amazing effects in the outdoor living space. The beauty with pots is that you can move them around as frequently as you wish to get a brand new look. Moreover, there are pots for almost every place: Floors, walls ceilings and even railings.

A wide variety of herbs, flowers and sweet smelling plants can be positioned around the outdoor living area to not just for beauty but also for their tantalizing aroma as well as for supplies to your outdoor kitchen.


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Wind chimes

There are some beautiful wind chimes on the market, and you should be able to find some that suit your style and budget. However, you could go one step further and make your own. Study how they are made and get you creative juices flowing.

Good wind chimes are soothing and attractive to look at and listen to. But remember to position your chimes well. Badly positioned chimes can be a nuisance to you as you relax. They can also scare birds away.


Stylish and good quality outdoor rugs do more than just keeping a space clean. They are also eye-catching and a welcoming gesture.

Braided rugs are best, especially if you want it to look elegant and beautiful. Good quality rugs can be used on the floor as well as on the walls.

— The writer is a landscape architect


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