Death toll hits 11 as police investigate cause of accident on Thika Super Highway

The death toll from Wednesday’s accident along Thika Road, Nairobi has hit 11. This was after four more victims succumbed to their injuries in hospitals that they were rushed to after the 3 pm incident.

At least 11 others remain in critical condition in hospital. Police and witnesses say the accidents involved at least four vehicles including two public service vehicles near Garden City Mall. Among those killed was a policeman and a soldier. They were traveling in the affected vehicles, officials aware of the identities said.


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Corporal Charles Muthomi of Buruburu DCI was among those killed in the incident. He was traveling in one of the affected vehicle.

Witnesses said that a PSV matatu hit a rail after the driver swerved to avoid hitting a lorry carrying building bricks. After hitting the rails, the eyewitnesses said it overturned landing on a Nanyuki-bound matatu. The accident caused a major traffic snarl up for hours before the scene was cleared.

Two personal cars that were on the lane also crashed into the bus.

Personal valuables, glass and blood were strewn all over the road as rescuers pulled people who had been trapped in the vehicles.

Most of the injured suffered cuts on multiple body parts some on the legs, others in the face, and others on their backs.

Nairobi traffic boss Peter Ndung’u said most victims die depending on how they are handled during and after rescue.

“The rescuers are not experts and the way they handle these victims lead to deaths or serious complications. We cannot stop people from rescuing victims of accidents but there is need for a general public sensitization on this issue,” he said.

Ndung’u said they are yet to establish how the crash happened and all they had heard were accounts from witnesses on what they saw. Survivors are still in hospitals and are yet to give their accounts. Their accounts are crucial as they will help in making decision on who was on the wrong in the accident, said Ndung’u.


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Ndung’u described as horrific, the accident and urged motorists to always service their vehicles and exercise caution on the roads.

The crash led to a huge traffic gridlock on the busy highway, and it is after about an hour that traffic police managed to clear the road.


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