Dear Nairobi Business Owners Community, A Few Points You May Need To Note

By Anwar Sadat

Lost in the midst of the confusion and the chaos that is the Kenyan political pandemonium is the plight of the ordinary suffering Kenyan.

The continued grandstanding among the political elites; those that have interests to protect as they call themselves,only continues to aggravate the suffering of an already exhausted people who have had to carry the burden of the failures that has been our politics and government over the last 4 years.

Youths without jobs have been been brainwashed to believe that it is patriotic to defend the government simply because its led by “one of your own” without questioning its commitment to improving their lives.

Families whose relatives continue to die as a results of Nurses strikes; or power outage at Kenyatta hospital leading to the death of 14 innocent children; or because the daughter an a CS burns down their school dormitory will gladly sing “Thaai Thaai Thaai” in televesions to defend a government that fails to guarantee the basic right of any kenyan to live a dignified life simply because that government is led by one of their own.

Whatever your political persuasions, it is an agreed fact that some minimum reforms is needed within IEBC to ensure the conduction of a fair, credible, and transparent election, whose output will unify our country. I therefore do not understand why anyone who means well for our nation would oppose such initiatives.

The current Kenyan crisis is a political crisis which will require political goodwill from both sides to solve. Why wouldn’t Jubilee also put forth their proposals of what they think will make it possible for the conduction of a free and credible elections?

Jubilee is interested in the continued provocations because its them that benefit. Every single day that the impasse continues, kenyans are not able to interrogate Jubilee and hold them accountable for their performance.

As kenyans continue to discuss about politics, Jubilee is passing cabinet resolution budgets loaded with cash for corruption just like the Kshs 4 Billion CHAN tournament allocations.

Kenyans must rise up to save their country or soon, you will have nothing to eat except yourselves.


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