Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms Ignorant Naive And Gullible

By Oyugi

The narrative about Raila being ‘violent’ is gaining traction in Mt Kenya once more. It’s meant to scare these people against voting the change movement leader in the repeat poll.

In as much as its clear that most of these people are ignorant naive and gullible can someone please ask them the following questions;

Who killed Tom Mboya, Pio Gama Pinto, Horace Ongili, Otieno Ambala, JM Kariuki, Ronald Ngala, Bruce Mackenzie, Dr Robert Ouko, Dr Odhiambo Mbai, Titus Adung’osi, Solomon Muruli, Masinde Muliro, Jacob Juma, Chris Msando and others

Who directed and approved the Wagalla Massacre, the ethnic clashes in the 90s, the 2007 PEV, the Kisumu execution of the 60s, the continuing extra judicial killings, etc

When we get answers to these then we will know who’s violent in this country… and it’s not Raila


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