Dear Mr. President Uhuru Kenyatta

⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Letter to #Uhuru and #Ruto

Dear Mr. President. You and your deputy have been chidding and mocking Raila in your campaigns. Calling him a man of vitendawili and asking very childish questions about what he has done for Kenyans. Mr. President, allow me to highlight for you Raila’s achievements for this nation. It looks like you have been living on planet mars, and you just descendend to Kenya today.

First and foremost, Raila has never been in power in this country. He has only served in two ministries as a minister. One was Ministry of Energy, under Moi, and the Ministry of Roads, Housing and Public Works under NARC govt. Mr. President, the current constitution that you and all Kenyans are enjoying today, was the brain child of Raila.

He has fought for freedom in this country, he has been jailed because of it. Am sure, when Raila was languishing in jail, you were somewhere in this world enjoying your fathers ill gotten wealth. Either sipping a glass of scottish whisky or smoking your favorite…..

No wonder you don’t know what Raila has done! Mr. President, when Raila was the Minister for Roads, in a very short time, he demolished all the buildings and structures that had been built on road reserves. The fruit of this move, is the current super Highways and expanded road network that every Kenyan can see today. But he didn’t last long in that ministry.

Kikuyus came together and rushed to state house. Telling president Kibaki how Raila is making them poor by pulling down houses which were on grabbed land. Agents of status quo, made sure he is transfered. No wonder you say you don’t know what he has done for Kenyans. Because you are one of those anti- change agents!

Under the same Ministry of Housing, in 2003, Raila made sure that the Kenyan govt partners with UN-HABITANT to build modern two bedroomed self contained flats in Kibera slums. He had a vision to eradicate slum settlements in this country.

Again agents of status quo rushed to Kibaki and told him how they are loosing monthly house rents. And how Raila is gaining a lot of political mileage out of the project. It collapsed! When Raila was the Prime Minister, he foresaw the need to preserve our enviroment.

For the sake of rains that brings heavy food production. He single handendly engineered the conservation of Mau forest. You were in that govt as Minister for Finance and Deputy Prime Minister. Ruto was the minister for Agriculture. None of you supported him, you made it a political issue and started attacking him for you own political gain. Today, you can see the effects of your silly thinking. There’s no food…. Those are just but very few of Raila’s achievements in this country. Lastly Mr. President, if it were not for his vitendawili, Kenyans would have not known the following scandals… Anglo leasing, NYS, Health, SGR, Chicken gate, Euro bond, Sigiri bridge, Mexico maize etc…

Hope you won’t continue asking the same question again in your campaigns. For you to understand Raila’s vision for this country, you have to look at things through a microscope and not with bare naked eyes.the truth must be said.


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