Dear Mr President. “Ashutaye kwa hasira uharisha” – Kiswahili proverb

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Dear Mr President.

“Ashutaye kwa hasira uharisha” – Kiswahili proverb

I don’t know what you folks are drinking over there at HQ, or what quality of carpet you all are sniffing this time around. The Supreme Court has spoken, accept and move on. Uncle David has also told you at least twice that the only thing saving us from your bandit and predatory state is fidelity to the constitution, strict adherence to the rule of law and above all, the absolute fear of God.

You remember the constitution, right? The supreme law of the land. The one you pretended to uphold, protect and defend when you were sworn in as President, Head of State and Commander-in-Chief? That ubiquitous instrument of sovereignty that governs how we live together as a society. Your “Wakora Network” ass scratching inebriated performance at Burma market was bad enough, but how now do you want to start changing laws to cut down the power of the Judiciary because things didn’t go your way? The whole idea of this constitution was to cut down the powers of the imperial presidency so you can’t attack the independence of the Judiciary, one of the pillars of checks and balances.

Introducing amendments in electoral law to cut down the constitutionally mandated powers of the Judiciary and Supreme court is unconstitutional. It’s like a mouse humping an elephant and expecting the earth to move. Listen to your Amicusly Curious Mortician, he’ll tell you that you can’t do that. Unless you lied to the people of Kenya at Kasarani stadium by swearing to defend that very constitution you want to mutilate because the independent Judiciary dared go against your will. You promised to “fix” them.

Speaking of stadiums, how’s that going. The world class thing I mean. It’s sad to say that even after your lofty marble-mouthed promises on building 5 of the best stadia, we were still stripped of the right to host the 2018 African Nations Championships. Imagine the surprise of CAF officials when they turned up to inspect facilities and they only saw the stadiums on your manifesto and online portal. Even after Eurobond – you remember that infrastructure loan, right? – and all the other eye-watering loans you took in our name. The loans that our great grandchildren who are not yet born will still be paying after we’re long gone. The loans you insisted were for infrastructure.

When the time came to show the infrastructure, it became a game of pata potea. You thumped your chest and demanded that those who say the Eurobond money was stolen produce the evidence. Well, evidence doesn’t present itself in technicolor and Dolby surround like infrastructure that doesn’t exist. Unless you’re talking about the Vindu Vikolapsanga Bridge you bequeathed the good people of Butalangi. You remember that bridge, right? The one that cost 1.2 billion, 10 times more than the one Uncle Wycliff build across the plains in Kakamega, the one that is much longer and still stands? But I digress.

Leave Uncle David and Auntie Philomena alone. Uncle David has already told you and the attackers of the Judiciary “Kenya siyo ya mama yenu”. If you don’t like the doctrine of an independent Judiciary, tell the real owners of the country to abolish it. If you rush, you might get Uncle Chepukatnezza’s Kifaranga machine still operational for a referendum to abolish the Judiciary.

When you’re the President and you act in haste and anger, it affects all of us. Wahenga walisema, “usishute kwa hasira”.

Have a wind breaking day good people.


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