Dear Kenyans, Don’t Fall For Jubilee Psychological War, IEBC Server Confirmed Uhuru Lost

By Silas N
Internal Memo to all Kenyans of goodwill:

For Jubilee friends, do something else. May be go for lunch.

Now guys, we know for sure that the elections were bungled and we know who gained more from the bungling and the artificial doctoring of results. Personally, I had given up and even wished that Raila can leave us alone. Many a political obituary was written and folks in Central had an uncontrollable high from schadenfreude. Raila had been roundly amd soundly defeated.

But it was a computer generated victory. So much for being labeled sore losers.

Now. Maraga, a man who only fears God gave us an opportunity to see the rot at IEBC. Even objective people in Jubilee who had bought the hype are agonizing im cognitive dissonance. Unbelievable.

Now, their propaganda machine has turned their wrath on the Judiciary and IEBC. The aim is to show IEBC is working for NASA.

It is purely psychological to mess with the heads of their supporters who sadly are capable of buying the lies, hook, line and sinker.

Another game is to hit the campaign trail and be seen to be working harder than NASA. Granted NASA should be campaigning as hard, but if they truly had numbers, then the anger, and the bungling of elections will not be necessary.

More to the point, we can win this. What we must resist is having our candidate maligned and made a villain because he stopped IEBC’s nefarious plot.

So,don’t be cowed or offended by the chest thumping. They are hoodwinking us. But they will not take the defeat lying down. They will play dirty.

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