Dear Ezra Chiloba, This Is What Awaits You As ‘Statehouse’ Mafia Abandons You To A Free Fall

By Wafula Buke via Facebook

Look at how traitors like chiloba fair in life and even in death: IEBC CEO Ezra chiloba has a long lineage; those who commit crimes against society to protect regimes later often pay dearly or get sacrificed by the same regimes:

1. The Supreme Court ruling on 2017 presidential petition (CJ Maraga and others) has irreversibly put Chiloba on the road to prison. The Q is not whether but when. Why? Obvious.

2. Several years ago, a man called GIthua from Nyeri accepted to play witness in Court against Dedan kimaathi. kimaathi was hanged and githua was rewarded a Bedford lorry. He died a disgraced poor man years later.

3. Njenga was persuaded by the Kenyattas to kill Tom Mboya for a reward. He was hanged saying “but why don’t you ask Kenyatta about mboya’s murder.

4. Mark twist Kenyatta was jjm kariuki’s friend. The system used him to kill jm. He vanished in 1975 and was spotted in south Africa 10/years ago.

5. James opiyo (OCS of nyayo HSE torture chambers) and CJ chunga tortured Raila and us. 2day they are disgraced men jailed in their own homes.

Yizak Hassan, chair of IEC rigged out Raila. I can swear you will never see him at kencom, ambassador or any other public place on security grounds

7. Former elections commissioner kivuitu rigged in kibabi. Kibaki never even attended his funeral. He died pleading 4 4giveness.

Former minister Mwiraria signed Anglo leasing corruption documents for the kibaki regime. He died the other day of stress from court cases. Kibaki could come for his funeral.

9. Saitoti was killed to clear the way for others to pass. When investigation pointed at a luo engineer in Kisumu, the system shot him dead so that he doesn’t give evidence. He was going for a parliamentary seat coz of the cash he had from his saitoti mission.

10. All those who allowed themselves to be used in the murder of ouko were dispatched to heaven variously. Former PC Hezekiah oyugi topping the list.

11. Chiloba is expired, chubukati knows his time is running out. Will he salvage his integrity by laying bare the evil done on Raila like David Maraga (The Lord Chief Justice) did, save Uhuru and join Kivutu and Hassan or will he be sacrificed like Msando before he does so?

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