Dear Chiloba And Your Statehouse Sponsor, A Gentle Reminder; We Shall See Who Will Have The Last Laugh.

By Gab O
You all know Harry Truman. He was the 33rd President of the United States of America.

Harry Truman is the first, and only, US President the State of Missouri has ever produced. He is also the only US President, to-date, that a Secret Service Agent has ever died while protecting. They would have been two, but Special Agent Tim McCarthy, who stepped in front of President Ronald Reagan during the assassination attempt of 1981 and took a bullet to the abdomen, made a full recovery. He is now the Chief of Police of Orland Park, Illinois.

Harry Truman is credited with making several historical decisions that changed the course of American history. He is the guy who okayed the use of those atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those two bombings, which killed in excess of 129,000 people, remain the only use of nuclear weapons for warfare in world history. Donald Trump is about to break that record very shortly.
You could argue that Harry Truman had lots of responsibility to take, and never never shied away from doing so, but for the young boy who broke his collar bone when he fell out of a chair while combing his hair, and whose eyesight was severely impaired by a searing Diptheria attack, Harry Truman is, perhaps, best known for his famous rallying cry;
“The Buck Stops Here.”

The phrase “The Buck Stops Here” is based on the metaphorical expression “passing the buck”, derived from poker game-play, that came to mean “passing blame”, or absolving oneself of responsibility or concern by denying authority or jurisdiction over a given matter.

President Harry Truman had “The Buck Stops Here” sign on his White House office-desk, made in the Federal Reformatory at El Reno, Oklahoma. That sign, Harry Truman told Americans, was a personal statement from him that no excuses will be made, that he was going to take direct responsibility for matters affecting American citizens, rather than pass the responsibility to anyone else.
Ezra Chiloba thinks he is a god. I have seen in The Star headline today his display of unbridled arrogance telling those calling for his resignation to go ride a cactus; and that he is not going anywhere.

There is no problem.
We are all in this country. We shall see who will have the last laugh. When the time will come for the IEBC to take responsibility and it will be too late in the day, let Ezra Chiloba not come running to Kenyans pleading for clemency and favor from the Lord.

The silver-back gorilla entered the dense forest and thumped his hairy chest screaming for a challenge. Squirrels are cowering in their holes thinking who will save them from that arrogant show of tin-pot impunity. The grizzly bear hears a commotion, gracefully checks into the forest while picking his teeth, and the gorilla now feels like a toddler trying to wrestle with a 150kgs man.
Salvage everything you can gather and run, before it’s too late, Ezra Chiloba. Because when the whirlwind of reforms begins to gather momentum; even your godfathers at State House will not know the identity of the tsunami that blew their dictatorial roofs far-away. It’s a race you have a clear head-start on;
But not for long.

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