DCI Muhoro hits back says Ahmednasir out to regain fading glory and capture headlines

Director of Criminal Investigations Ndegwa Muhoro. (Photo: Kipsang’ Joseph/Standard)

A day after lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi alleged that Ndegwa Muhoro was after his life, the top detective is hitting back.

Mr Ahmednasir had claimed that the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) had instructed a police death squad to kill him because of his stance on the multi-billion shilling Tatu City land case.

But the DCI has accused Ahmednasir of coming up with the allegations to divert attention from ongoing investigations in connection with his activities and academic qualifications.

“These atrocious, obnoxious, and preposterous allegations levelled against me are a desperate attempt by Ahmednasir to interfere with ongoing investigations being conducted by this office on a myriad of complaints made against him,” said Mr Muhoro.

The DCI said his office does not run death squads, as insinuated by the lawyer, and challenged him to lay bare the basis or source of such allegations.

Investigating offences


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The directorate, Muhoro said, is investigating Ahmednasir for various offences ranging from fraud to questionable and/or forged academic qualifications.

Muhoro said the lawyer’s claims stemmed from fear that the directorate had gathered enough evidence  to build a case against him.

Muhoro said the lawyer was in contempt of a court order and was trying to cover this up with his death plot claims.

The DCI released a four-page statement to deny the lawyer’s claims that he is after his life, stating that the nature of his duties and oath of office does not allow that.

He said his office would continue to receive and investigate complaints irrespective of the status of the person being probed.

“If by doing so we are labelled murderers and killers we shall consider that an occupational hazard and we shall leave it for the proper forum, which is the courts, to determine the authenticity and veracity or otherwise of such allegations,” he said.

Muhoro vowed that his office would follow ongoing investigations against Ahmednasir to their logical conclusion.


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“We shall not be cowed or obstructed in our duties by red herrings,” he said.

Muhoro said Ahmednasir’s allegations were not only naïve, they were also a continuous tissue of lies and innuendos.

“They are concocted Wild West stories picked from rumours,” he said.

The DCI said this was not the first time a similar claim against him has been made and later proved to be untrue.

He said more than a year since similar allegations were made against him, no evidence has been tabled to support the accusations, either before the Inspector-General of Police, relevant government agencies, or the High Court, where the cases are pending.

Throwing tantrums

He accused Ahmednasir of “throwing all manner of tantrums and wild allegations” against him and his office to distract and divert attention.

“My continued resistance on his attempted machination regarding several matters where he has interest (and which) we have investigated would explain his sporadic bouts of vitriol and calumny against me,” he said.

Ahmednasir claims that a plot to kill him had been hatched and that officers had been tracing his mobile phone for that purpose.

The lawyer pleaded with Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet to have the matter investigated.

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