Dagoretti South MP aspirants demand change of polls officials

Jubilee Party aspirants for the Dagoretti South parliamentary seat have accused the incumbent Dennis Waweru of plotting to rig them out.

Led by Mr John Kiarie, Mr Gaciku Muhu, Dr Njoki Ndiba and Mr Njogu wa Nguo, they claimed that Mr Waweru is planning to hire goons to disrupt the nominations on Wednesday.

But the MP has refuted the allegations and said the hopefuls have sensed defeat.

Other aspirants for the MCA positions, 15 of them, also claimed that the goons have been spending nights in the CDF Hall, where the tallying will be done.


Consequently, they have threatened to lock the facility until the nominations are over.

“Mr Waweru has bought several mattresses that are being used by goons in the CDF Hall as they prepare to cause chaos on Wednesday.

“It is unacceptable for Mr Waweru to use a public facility as a campaign centre,” Mr Kiarie alleged.

The aspirants also want the party’s National Elections Board to send new officials to oversee the primaries, claiming that the current ones were picked by Mr Waweru.

“We demand a total overhaul of the elections officials in Dagoretti South for us to have free and fair nominations. The officials were handpicked by Mr Waweru and given to the National Elections Board,” he added.

The aspirants also want the Mr Andrew Musangi, chairperson of the Board, to ban Mr Waweru from participating in nominations for “perpetuating violence against opponents”.

However in a rebuttal, Mr Waweru trashed the allegations while confirming the presence of 20 mattresses in the facility.

He said that the mattresses are meant for disaster preparedness.

“Dagoretti South has experienced several fire incidents in the recent months and that is why we bought mattresses and blankets to help the victims,” he said.

Mr Waweru, who was eyeing the Nairobi gubernatorial seat before changing his mind to seek re-election, dared his opponents to shut down the Hall, warning that their actions will be met with equal police force.

“Those claims are the most useless I have ever heard. Why should I buy mattresses and use a public facility to host goons yet there are cheaper hotels?

“[The] CDF Hall is a government facility, let them come and lock [it]. They will be dealt with by the police.”

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