Culture of torture finds its way back to schools

Bullying is creeping back to schools across the country with students saying that the practice is becoming rampant in boy schools, especially those located in Nairobi.

Some of the schools said to have high cases of bullying include Nairobi School, Lenana and Upper Hill Secondary School.

In one of the national schools located in Nairobi, a Form One student was beaten up by prefects and senior students two weeks ago.

The student suffered severe injuries in his private parts forcing him to be hospitalized for days.

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In some of the schools, prefects and senior students have allocated themselves butlers who run personal errands and chores for them.

“I wash his clothes, spread his bed and shine his shoes for him. By doing this, I am spared from bullying by other students,” a Form Two student who confessed to being a butler to a prefect at a national school in Nairobi said.

Students from various institutions said that they are still asked to fetch darkness using bathing basins, to seduce imaginary ladies and to call their parents using old smelly shoes.

A University of Nairobi lecturer, Dr Hezron Mogambi, terms the reaction to the Alliance High School situation as “knee-jerk”.

“The bullying situation is so worrying in schools. The unfortunate thing is that those schools don’t have enough teachers and non-teaching staff to monitor the students. This is further complicated because bullying mostly takes place late in the night,” Dr Mogambi said.

Former Kenyatta University student leader Samuel Nyachae feels that the Ministry of Education should conduct investigations across all schools and trace it to previous years because current bullying in some schools has a historical background.

“During our time, it was not just bullying, but an act of terrorism. If this has to stop, we need the ministry to form a truth and reconciliation team.

“Through such a team, we can narrate our ordeals in the hands of miscreants and why most of those who were bullied also ended up being bullies,” he said.

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