CS Joseph Nkaissery reassures foreigners of security

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery has reassured security for foreign partners in the wake of deadly raids on private ranches in parts of Laikipia.

Speaking to diplomats in Nairobi, he enumerated the steps taken to stop the violence including deploying additional police officers, mopping up illegally held firearms and placing a moratorium on leases in a bid to stop struggle for land.

Maj Gen (Rtd) Nakissery said, “This situation is because of pastoral communities are scrambling for water and pasture resulting into the extent of invading of private ranches. It is important to mention that the traditional approach of sharing water and pastures between the ranchers and the pastoralists was not adhered too this time round triggering conflict.”

The interior ministry has released a brief of the CS’s remarks following the meeting at the InterContinental Hotel, Nairobi Tuesday.

Mr Tristan Voorspuy, a dual Kenyan/British national, was killed in the violence at the Sosian ranch which he co-owns.

The CS said that except in Laikipia and Baringo, where inter-ethnic conflict has also occurred, the rest of the country is calm.

The Government gazetted Baringo and Laikipia Counties as disturbed areas in order to raise the level of security response.

“The Government is creating awareness through various fora of local leaders to enlighten and dissuade the public against invading both public and private land,” the CS also told the diplomats.

During the security operation 66, 500 livestock have been removed from private properties.

In addition 379 persons have been arrested and prosecuted.

“The County Security and Intelligence Committee is in dialogue with ranchers and the local community to cultivate harmonious co-existence,” said Mj Gen (Rtd) Nkaissery.

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