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The cry for better African leardership

Africa and its Presidents

The African leadership is more different compared to the rest of the world. As you can compare the standard of leadership in the enlisted seven continents of the world, Africa is listed from bottom not of poor leadership and policies we get from our esteem leaders.

Have you ever asked yourself why Africa is the poorest continent and yet we are rich of resources, it is because our leaders lack that ability to come up with solutions of African problems and those problem many of them are caused by the same leaders who comes up with poor polices to govern the people.

As I will pin down what makes African leadership different to rest of world, I agree it is different but not in positive way but in negative way. I will write down as a proud African who has hope that one day this continent will lead while others follow.

Many African leaders are not ready to take definitive action to defend its continent and people or they are afraid of taking risk because they fear that they will loose the vote block they have.  What these leaders don’t know is that if you lead the people and protect them in good manner they will have faith in you and you will win their hearts for your leadership skills. These leaders are not ready to protect its subjects/ citizens and the whole continent. They must learn to defend the natural resource of Africa like other countries where they put strict policies to defend there nation and their continents natural resources. Our leaders must accept that they lead with responsibility and because African trust them so that they can fight for them to survive. Lets the doings defend your position and don’t force yourself to be in that position when you can not defends the people of Africa. America, china, Australia and many other continents defends their resources because they know that they survive because of it. In Africa some leaders let there resources to be utilized by foreign countries abroad so that they can win there favor and trust. When you are defensive, other leaders will come to you because they know that you can survive without them.

Many African leaders always complain of lack of resource, when you compare in continental rank, Africa has a lot of natural resources. A good leaders should not complain about the lack of resources because the people you master will also give up on you. i have never seen America complaining of lack of resources or I have never seen china or Austria  or china. Complaining the same. Every country has a debt in this world but because African leaders don’t have good leadership skills compared to others leaderships in the world. They keep on complaining the lack of resources and putting their countries in more debt every time and then. These leaders must transform to superior leaders whom they can make their own decision and can survive without borrowing money from other countries which have good leadership skills. They must think out of the box as other leaders from the rest of the world. The successful leaders figure out how to get job done with the resources the have.

Have you ever seen an African leaders taking responsibility to anything that went wrong in his leadership? No. several African leaders cant event apologize to its citizens for poor leadership or for any failure in his/her rule. When you compare this with other leaderships in the rest of world, you realized that we lack behind because of our leaders. American leaders takes responsibility, Australia even United Kingdom leaders takes responsibility in anything they fail because they know the life of its citizen is in their hands and they have to protect them. The failure of African leadership is that no leader is ready to take responsibility they either blame the opposition, political foes or others countries which are not supporting them in their work. Every time African leader suffers a defeat or a set back, someone or something has to blame. They are masters of finger-pointing. Great leaders  don’t do this, they  are accountable for the results and accept full responsibility for the outcomes.

A good leader serves people not people serves him, serve people so that they can serve you. in African leadership, this is opposite because the leaders behave like small gods who like to be worshiped. They abuse their leadership privileges given to leaders and they forget the purpose of them to be leaders. They go against the rule of law, they abuse people and they behave like they have power to change the constitution in their favor.  They use the power to oppress the people. This is a great failure of African leadership compared to western leadership where most of western leaders serve people because they know people who elected them saw some leadership skills in them and they must rule with integrity so that they may not look like failures. They use the law to protect people. Our African leaders must lean from this, to work for people. The good leaders use their leadership privilege to serve the nation not to oppress the nation.

African leadership lack trustworthiness whereby these leaders don’t fulfill the promises the made while seeking the office. These leaders are good at P.R hence winning the heart of people. They promise little paradise down on each where they can deliver even a hell.  They are good at deceiving people to gain what they want and to be top of the same people. Do you know in Africa it is 95% impossible to win against the sitting president because they will you all lies, cheats and power to make sure that the retain the office. Some times they chance the constitution to absorb them and favor them. I cant remember the last time America citizens protesting on street about poor leadership, maybe they did it before I were born, but the reality is that they are always listen and they have given a way to put there issues [to the president and the president listen to them because he knows they are the one who put him on that high sit. We have the largest slum in the world not because people are poor but because the oppression people are going through, the high living cost and many other things where leaders don’t care about its citizens.

I have seen many western leaders resign when their tongue speaks before their brain can process information. Many of them take responsibility and accountability of the words the speak because they know that every word has the meaning to the people they rule but this is the opposite in Africa because Africa leaders can even abuse the citizens but they remain in office. They can abuse each other and these leaders are role models of you people outside there where they aspire to rule one day.

African leadership lack clear vision and direction. They believe that their job is to rule not serve. They make decisions that citizens consider that they are not necessary/continent for the country interest but they ignore it because they feel the superiority over everybody. They lack enthusiasm where  they see new ideas as a threat to there leadership. They don’t accept any challenge where they see fellow leaders as a competitor. This is opposite compared to the western leaders who some of them empress their political competitor and put them in a position where they can offer some new ideas to there leadership.

Transparent is a virtue in leadership. Openness encourages honesty. Our leadership lack transparence in government activities, and even if they try they will just bring a quarter of the information. African leaders bring finished deals but we real don’t know how they reach that deal and we as citizen are one who will suffer the cost of the deal and the funny thing is that they don’t allow questions about that deal. They paint continent  as a corrupt continent with a corrupt leadership. Many other leadership in the rest of the world  is transparence and has virtue of honesty and almost corruption free. African leaders must empress that kind of leadership and learn from there mistakes.

I really don’t hate African as a continent, I love Africa because it gives me an identity in the world but we must nature our continent to be on top of everything. We must nurture it so that we could defend our self economically. Our leaders must wake up to protect Africa and give the youth the chance to rule. Youth have fresh ideas and mind which can move the continent ahead.


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