Creating a happy corner in your house

sbmxkyhobwzklezcp58e53e9a8f7e1 Creating a happy corner in your house

Do you have a happy corner? That is what I call my little hideout where I run to when life throws lemons my way. In every house I live in, I make an effort to have a little corner that brings me nothing but happiness. It needs not be expensive but it ought to be cosy and should have items that bring a smile to your face.

A book — or shall I say books — is a must-have for my happy corner, but find your own happy items, which can be placed in your happy corner like photography gallery of your family and friends, your child’s artwork or a painting that takes you back in time.

Create a flashback theme of technology from another era such as a typewriter, an old telephone set and an old camera.

The happy corner can have two comfortable wing chairs that are placed in symmetry and which have a table that snuggles right into a corner and takes the least space possible. Include a table lamp to illuminate your “happy items” or a floor lamp that helps you read. A vase of flowers or potted plants are a great source of creating calmness and pleasantness.

For many children, room corners are often associated with naughtiness. Reverse this trend by encouraging children and teenagers to have a happy reading corner, perhaps in their bedroom or study room, where you place a whimsical child-friendly seat or a bean bag seat with a shelf full of their favourite books.


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Reward the child with merits for each book read and you will soon instil the habit of taking time out to unwind at their own happy corner to get engrossed in a book or a puzzle.

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