Cracks in Nairobi Jubilee team as aspirants threaten to form parallel outfit

The Nairobi Jubilee campaign team has been accused of locking out aspirants for various seats in the city.

Some Jubilee aspirants in Nairobi County condemned a meeting held by the campaign team saying that it only comprised of incumbents who shared the slots among themselves locking out new aspirants.

Aspiring woman representative Millicent Omanga said that the team was not inclusive and served their own interests.

“We are surprised of the team given the mandate to campaign for Jubilee calling a press conference to allocate themselves seats and call other interested parties outsiders,” said Ms Omanga.

She said that they will form a parallel Jubilee campaign team if they are not involved in decision making.

Nairobi County Senate aspirant Jackton Kavemba said that they were displeased with how the Jubilee campaign team was conducting its business.

Mr Kavemba said that the people should be left to decide for themselves their preferred leaders.

He said the campaign team was formed to spearhead the re-election of the president and not to sell their individual manifestos.

“Some of this incumbents are looking for survival tactics. They know they have not done anything and they will not win nomination hence looking for automatic nominations from the party, “said Mr Kavemba.

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