Crackdown on NASA Affiliates Still on. Boinnet Warns Law Breakers; Denying Violating Constitution

IG Says nobody is Above the law

  • Inspector General of Police has warned that the law-breakers law will not be spared .
  • Boinnet said that the police are working to ensure the rights of every Kenyan are protected regardless of the political divide they supporters .

The Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has warned that the law-breakers law should not expect business as usual, insisting that no one is above the law thus nobody will be spared. Additionally he defended the police service saying that they are not violating the law, adding it’s their constitutional mandate to maintain law and order.

The Police Boss who was speaking at Kiganjo Police College during the Kenya Police Service Open Day, Boinnet reported that the police are working to ensure the rights of every Kenyan are protected regardless of the political divide they support .

Boinnet said that the crackdown on individuals who violated the law will continue adding that those criticizing the arrest and detention of NASA leaders who are said to have taken part in Raila Odinga’s controversial ‘swearing-in’ ceremony on January 30 as the People’s President are misled.

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The IG stated that the police are receiving comprehensive training and skills under a new curriculum that took three years to develop so as to equip fully enabling them to better handle terror attacks and cyber crime.

This comes at a time when the IG and the DCI defied two consecutive court orders to produce the self proclaimed National Resistance Movement General Miguna Miguna. Additionally on the same note, the prosecution side stated that even after serving IG Boinett and DCI Kinoti with the court orders, the two had failed to produce Miguna in court.

Miguna who was arrested when Police raided his home in Runda was supposed to be released on a sh. 50,000 cash bail. However, the police were in contempt of court because they detained him away from family, then was arraigned in a Kajiado Court though refused to take plea claiming that he was not charged in Milimani Court Nairobi as was directed by the High Court. Eventually the controversial lawyer was deported to Canada where he has a citizenship, the government terming his being in Kenya illegal .

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