Court summons Kamiti boss over asault on terror suspect

A Nairobi court yesterday summoned the officer in charge of Kamiti Maximum Security Prison to appear in court today over allegations that prison warders assaulted and tortured terror suspect Salim Muhammad alias Osama, a Morocco national.

Muhammad appeared before Milimani chief magistrate Francis Andayi while heavily bandaged on the head and his left arm.

Lawyer Hassan Nandwa said his client was attacked by prison warders when he went to rescue a fellow inmate who was being ‘disciplined’ by them. The warders then called for reinforcements who beat him senseless.

Nandwa said Muhammad has since been held under inhumane and degrading conditions and forced to sleep without blankets on the cold cement floor.

“We fear that if this treatment continues, he may succumb to the difficult circumstances in prison,” the lawyer said.

“The facility boss should explain why such violation of human rights should be meted on my client.”

State prosecutor said he could see bandages on the head and left arm but could not tell under what circumstances the injuries were inflicted.

Prosecutor Solomon Naulikha concurred that the prison boss should appear in court to explain the cause of the injuries and the court make appropriate orders to stop any inhuman treatment.

Muhammad is jointly charged alongside Ahmed Jaberreen, an Israeli, with planning a terror attack in Kenya in 2014.

The two were arrested by police after being found in possession of articles related to terrorism, and collecting information for use in planning and executing a terror attack.

Both accused persons have since been put on their defence.

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