County unveils Sh23m water treatment plant

Meru Water and Sewerage Services has launched a new treatment plant to increase supply of the scarce resource.

The Sh123 million facility, with a capacity of 10 million litres, will help meet rising demand for water and sewerage services in Meru town and its environs, says the firm’s general manager, Mr George Karanja.

He said the company’s services were initially overwhelmed by the rapidly growing population and performance-related stress caused by increased demand.

“But now the plant will improve water distribution in our 65km² area. We have 12,000 customers who have access to piped water. Increased water treatment capacity from the current 4,150 to 10,000 cubic meters will help provide safe drinking water to more residents,” Mr Karanja said.


He said the company would expand pipelines in Gitimbine, Kithoka, Chugu and Gikumene areas. Mr Karanja spoke during the commissioning of the new water treatment facility in Meru on Thursday.

The firm was handed over from the defunct Meru Municipal Council in 2001 as a loss-making entity but it has since changed its fortunes for the better.

Governor Peter Munya, who was the chief guest, said the county government had developed a funding proposal to improve sanitation for peri-urban low-income areas in the cosmopolitan county. 

“This is the basis on which the national government is due to secure funding for construction of an expanded sewerage system for the town,” he said.    

Mr Munya said the water and sewerage firm was one of seven companies set to receive funding from an international company to expand water infrastructure so as to reduce shortages and increase flow to the country.

Company chairman Gabriel Miungi said they were planning on relocating the Gakoromone sewerage plant and replace it with a modern facility which, apart from improving hygiene, would generate biogas power and fertiliser to boost agriculture.

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