County to charge politicians with unpaid posters, billboards

Nairobi County government will bill politicians if outdoor advertising firms carrying their campaign posters default payments to City Hall.

Politicians across the city have contracted outdoor advertising agencies to put up bill boards in strategic places as they seek support from residents for various seats they are seeking.

Speaking at City Hall on Wednesday, the Chief Officer Sub-county administration John Ntoiti said that they have warned the agencies that put up the advertisement without paying that City Hall will charge their clients directly.

Dr Ntoiti said that aspirants that have contracted outdoor advertisers they should ensure companies have remitted the monthly fee to City hall or they will be charged directly.

“It is a campaign season and everybody who wants to appear in billboards should just ensure that they are paid for because we will be looking for the aspirants to charge them if these companies fail to pay City Hall,” said Dr Ntoiti.


He called urged politicians to ensure that the outdoor advertisement companies have cleared with City Hall before they advertise with them as they will be billed in case no payment is made.

Dr Ntoiti said that most of the MPs have complied by ensuring their billboards are paid for and posters have been approved by the County.

The county has also called upon the aspirants to ensure the posters and fliers are stamped after approval before putting them up in areas designated and approved by ward administrators.

Aspirants for various seats are required to have all their posters stamped as those found without official City Hall stamp will attract a fine of Sh100,000 or six months in jail.


“The busiest office at City Hall is the outdoor advertising where aspirants are having their posters being stamped before they put them up, the good thing about posters is that it has a name and a picture and we will follow them since we have devolved ward administrators who will follow them,” said Dr Ntoiti.

“Some come for approval of 500 posters which we stamp, but once they go out there they print more and in return we lose revenue as a government,” said Dr Ntoiti.

He warned that aspirants putting up banners in areas not recommended thus blocking highways and putting posters all over the streets and buildings will be also dealt with in accordance with City laws.

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