County refers explosion victims to Nairobi, one dies

Two of the three teenagers injured in an explosion in Mandera East on Saturday were airlifted to Nairobi for specialised treatment.

A third victim died while undergoing treatment at Mandera County Referral Hospital at about 12pm on Sunday.

One of the five teenagers, aged between 13 and 15, had died on the spot and another on arrival at the hospital on Saturday.

“It is very unfortunate that we lost a third victim of the explosion but we have managed, as a county government together with Amref, to airlift the remaining two to Nairobi,” said Mandera County Health Executive Ahmed Sheikh.

The two were in a group of boys herding goats at Hareri Hosle Centre who picked up a metallic object that exploded.

The device, according to Mandera Deputy County Commissioner David Mbevi, was a bomb left behind by unknown persons.

The first victim died after sustaining serious head injuries resulting from a shrapnel, according medical records at the health facility.

Mr Sheikh said Mandera was recording the highest number of referrals to Nairobi due to lack of specialised doctors.

There have been at least at least five such cases in a week.

“We are experiencing this because for the past three years we have been unable to attract specialised doctors into Mandera despite placing several advertisements,” said Mr Sheikh.

The officer, however, revealed that talks were under way for Amref to provide specialised doctors to the county.

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