Country ready for election, Uhuru says

In his keynote address during the three-day devolution conference in Naivasha, the Head of State also reiterated that the elections will be free and fair.

This came as the Judiciary assured governors and other politicians that courts are ready to handle petitions after the polls.

President Kenyatta has maintained that the country is ready for the August General Election.

President Kenyatta called on all political parties to work with the IEBC to ensure credible elections.

“Other countries are watching to see how we conduct out elections as one of the mature democracies,” he said as he called on governors to ensure that peace prevails in their respective counties during the electioneering period.

The Head of State stressed that the government is committed to protect life and property of Kenyans and warned those who want to “tear the country apart.”

On devolution, he said the devolved system of governance had brought political competition, citing the high number of aspirants vying for the gubernatorial and country assembly seats.

“We are witnessing a robust competition for the various seats and this has been brought about by the devolved system of governance,” added Mr Kenyatta.

Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu assured governors and other politicians that the courts are ready and waiting for them after the General Election.

The polls this year are expected to yield a higher number of petitions compared to previous years given the high number of aspirants eyeing the various elective seats.

Speaking during the 4th Annual Devolution Conference taking place at the Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute, Lady Justice Mwilu said the Judiciary started preparing for election petitions in 2013. “You have a seriously committed partner in the judiciary,” she said.

On devolution, the conference was informed that the Judiciary had created special registers for all devolution matters coming from counties and there were plans to set up special units in courts to expedite devolution issues.

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