Counties must urgently control cholera outbreak

In the late 70s when there was an outbreak of cholera, I was in primary school and the experience was not a pleasant one.

We were herded into a classroom and, one by one, we were tested for cholera.

Currently, the country is battling a cholera outbreak which has been reported in affluent areas in Nairobi and has claimed  lives and left many in hospital.

Counties are to blame for the outbreak because of lack of water and poor sanitation.


In Mombasa County, residents have not seen water flow through their taps for a record three months.

Everyone is buying water and there is no telling how safe it is for consumption.

A survey in Mombasa shows that some boreholes are near sewage systems, therefore, contaminating water.

Despite the lack of water, residents are still paying monthly bills. Aren’t the authorities earning money illegally?


What if cholera had hit slums? How many people would have died?

Those who prepare food in hotels should undergo proper check-up.

Hotels should stop outsourcing food from places they are not familiar with.

The media should be involved in disseminating health education messages.

Community and religious leaders should also be involved in health campaigns to eradicate the disease.


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