Council of Governors warn on the Revenue Allocation Bill

Council of Governors photo:courtesy

A financial crisis that would cripple the operations of both the national and county governments is looming after Parliament failed to agree on the Division of Revenue Bill 2017.

With only five days to go, there are no signs that the Senate and the National Assembly are ready to end their rivalry and agree on the Bill after mediation talks failed.

Both Houses have started finalising the business of their current term as the clock ticks to June 15, when MPs will hold their last sitting.

The Council of Governors has expressed concern that failure to pass the Bill in the next five days would cripple the operations of county governments, including meeting the demands of the striking nurses.

“The Division of Revenue Bill 2017 has had disagreements resulting in back and forth between the two chambers of Parliament relating to allocation for county governments,” said Council of Governors Chairman Josphat Nanok.



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