Convicted police imposter Joshua Waiganjo dismisses theft claims

A man who was imprisoned for impersonating a police officer has denied charges of stealing a motor vehicle, which he currently owns.

Mr Joshua Waiganjo appeared before chief magistrate Benard Mararo in Nakuru on Friday and dismissed claims of stealing a lorry, registration number KYY 254, said to belong to a businessman – Mr Peter Kimani.

According to court documents, Mr Waiganjo is said to have had accomplices when he committed the offence on December 1, 2009 at Mawanga Trading Centre within the outskirts of Nakuru town.

He was accused of tampering with the vehicle’s engine and chassis and also changing the registration number to KZL 957.

He was jailed by a Naivasha court in 2015 after being found guilty of illegal possession of government equipment and impersonating an assistant police commissioner.

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He told the court that he genuinely acquired his two lorries (registration numbers KZL 957 and KAH 311B) and registered them in his name.

“I bought the said lorry KZL 957 in Embu from Mr Peter Muigai who issued me with its logbook and we had a sales agreement done,” he said.

He said they operate in Njoro, Nakuru and Subukia transporting construction materials.

An officer working with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles testified to the existence of the motor vehicle KZL 957 in its database.

The officer produced a document to corroborate the testimony.

However, earlier inspection conducted on the vehicle by Kenya Revenue Authority revealed that the vehicle never existed.

The case will resume on March 3.

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