Controversial journalist Mugo Njeru who has accused Swazuri

Mugo Njeru

In October 1998, the Daily Nation carried a story of a man who had milked an elephant and lived to tell the story.

The man sued the paper for defamation and was awarded Sh2 million by the court.

It is this macabre story that catapulted Mugo Njeru to notoriety. Njeru was then a reporter with the Nation, where he would rise to bureau chief at the turn of the century before quitting for business.

In February this year Njeru petitioned MPs to remove NLC chairman Muhammed Swazuri for lacking integrity.

Njeru claimed that the Standard Gauge Railway compensation payments had been made to fictitious entities or after bribes to senior NLC officials.

Another property


NLC’s Swazuri accused of paying fictitious compensation

He claimed that compensation for his land valued at Sh189 million had been made to other companies — Bakhresa Grain Millers Ltd and Dasahe Investment Ltd

Njeru told MPs that he had bribed Swazuri with Sh1 million in December 2015. He claims his title deed for another property in Mombasa was revoked in 2016.

Shortly after leaving the Nation, Njeru opened an office in town to manage his Embakasi rental apartments and foodstuff supply business to restaurants in the city. His troubles with the NLC began after the commission ruled he had forged a title of a prime property in Mombasa belonging to Hezron Ndanyi Lidede. The family said they were allocated the land in 1990.

Faces sack

Njeru’s claim on the other hand relied on grants allegedly issued eleven years later on November 12, 2011. NLC determined that Njeru’s title was dated April 11, 2011, yet the title was signed by the Commissioner of Lands on November 30, 2011. The commission revoked Njeru’s title and upheld Lidede’s title on August 4, 2016.

Njeru also insists that Swazuri defrauded his wife, Editor Irima Mugo, and want him removed from office. In a case of history repeating itself, MPs have concluded that Njeru irregularly acquired the two plots in dispute.

While Swazuri faces the sack, Njeru’s gamble to force payment seems to have also boomeranged on him.


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