Controversial businessman Kobia charges at magistrate in court

Policemen aprehend Paul Kobia after he attempted to attack magistrate in a Nairobi court on 27th March, 2017. Kobia claimed he was dragged from hospital to face kidnapping charges.

Controversial businessman Paul Kobia protested against being dragged from his hospital bed to face charges of assault and kidnap in a Nairobi court.

The businessman jumped from his seat inside the court and charged at the magistrate while shouting and wailing before he was overpowered by police officers and taken to the dock.

Asked by Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi why he decided to cause commotion in court, he explained that he was in pain after being involved in an accident and did not understand why he had to be dragged to court to plead to the charges yet he was not in good mental state.

“It is not that I disrespect the court, but because of the pain I am going through in my head after the accident. Even the complainant visited me in hospital and saw my condition, so I don’t know why I had to be brought to court while still sick,” said Kobia.

His lawyer Kiraithe Wandugi presented medical documents showing the businessman was involved in a car accident on March 11 and that doctors had recommended a two-week bed rest.

He submitted that Kobia was not in sound medical condition to plead to the charges and pleaded with the magistrate to defer the case until he recovers.


Paul Kobia ordered to appear in court over assault charges

“He has injuries in his head, which cause him severe headache. He cannot stand trial given the mental state he is in. We are requesting that the case be adjourned to another date as we explore the possibility of discussing with the complainant, who has shown willingness to withdraw the case,” said Mr Wandugi. The prosecution did not object to the request to defer his plea to April 10, with the magistrate directing that he be released.

Immediately he walked out of the courtroom, two women confronted him demanding that he pays for the release of his bodyguards, who were charged on Friday but were remanded as they could not raise a Sh500,000 cash bail.

Kobia’s bodyguards; Alvin Anzaya, Nelson Moyi, John Mutwiri and Martin Mwangi were charged with kidnapping Congolese businessman Blanchard Condole.

The women said their husbands were acting on Kobia’s instructions and he had to ensure they were free.

“We don’t want your money, what we want is for you to pay for their cash bail so that they get released. It is you who caused their arrest and prosecution,” one of the women shouted.

The women blocked Kobia from leaving the court, forcing him to seek refuge at the basement of Milimani Law Courts. They vowed not to leave him alone until their husbands were released.



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