Controversial blogger Robert Alai apprehended for publishing a ‘sensitive story’

Controversial blogger Robert Alai was arrested and detained at Kamkunji police station.

Alai divulged that he was ordered out of his vehicle at gunpoint and forced into another car before being taken to Kamkunji Police Station.

“They blocked the road and ordered me out at gun point. I was then bundled into another car and driven to Kamkunji police station where I am since 10 am on Friday,” said Alai.

According to Alai, those behind his arrest were officers from Special Crimes Prevention Unit. 

An officer in the unit confirmed they arrested Alai over a ‘sensitive story’ he had written on his blog known as Kahawatungu.

The officer who asked not to be named said a senior member of the “society” had complained over a story the blogger wrote recently.

Alai indicated he had not been informed on the reasons behind his apprehension but could tell it is about a story he wrote on his blog touching on prominent personalities.

When news broke out on the arrest, other bloggers took to online calling for his release. They created hashtag #freealai pushing his immediate release.

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