Conservationist Kuki Gallmann shot by raiders in Laikipia

Kuki Gallmann

Laikipia Nature Conservancy owner Kuki Gallmann was Sunday morning shot in the stomach by armed raiders.

The 73 year old environmentalist and conservationist was rushed to Nanyuki County Hospital for emergency treatment awaiting airlifting to Nairobi.

The ranches and conservancies in Laikipia have been a battle ground following invasion by herders from Baringo, Samburu and Pokot counties in search for pasture for their livestock.

Gallman had in February 2017 been quoted saying that the invasion had led to massive destruction of vegetation in her ranch.

In March this year, the herders were accused of lighting a fire that razed down property worth millions of shillings inside the conservancy owned by Gallmann.

The assailants burnt two lodges inside the ranch popular with domestic and international tourists and destroyed 10,000 acres of vegetation at Laikipia Nature and Conservancy ranch.


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According to Mrs Gallmann, the gunmen had also targeted her daughter Makena Gallmann but she escaped unscathed after they shot at her twice.

Security officers were deployed to the ranches in the area following the armed invasion, resulting to a series of retaliatory attacks.

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