Confusion And Panic As Lawyer Donald Kipkorrir Writes Demand Letter To Statehouse Operative Over NGO Used Fight Supreme Court Justices

Dear Fazul Mahamed, Executive Director, NGO Board:

An NGO called Angaza Empowerment Network through one Derrick Maliku Ngumu has filed a Petition to remove Justices Philomena Mailu and Isaac Lenaola from the Supreme Court.

Pursuant to Article 35 of the Constitution, make public:

1. When this NGO was registered and when you issued the Certificate and Certificate number.
2. Whether the NGO has bank accounts and which Banks.
3. How much money has the NGO been receiving and from who?
4. Who are the Directors and Senior Management of the NGO?
5. Who is Derrick Malika Ngumu, and what is his title in the NGO?
6. If the NGO is registered, what were its objectives?

Before, you have published details of other NGOs. As a public servant, Chapter 6 of the Constitution obligates you to be impartial and to treat all equally.

Waiting for your prompt response.



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