Concede or run for lesser seat, Mt Kenya leaders advise Raila

Political Leaders from Mt Kenya have urged NASA’s Raila Odinga to concede defeat and allow the nation to move forward.

Kieni MP Kanini Kega, outgoing MPs Dennis Waweru and Ann Nyokabi, and politician Ann Kirima spoke on Tuesday in Kabaru village, Kieni, Nyeri county.

They were at the burial of James Muriuki, 50, who died of a heart attack last week.

“In every election, there is a number two. You either win or lose. Since there will be no coalition government, it is good for the presidential candidate to accept defeat,” Kega said.

“Let him agree so that the government can think of awarding him with a job that will be available.”

relax, earn respect

Waweru said most of the candidates who ran for election have accepted the results.

He asked Raila to accept the results or run for a lesser seat such as Kibra MP.

“Don’t continue holding 45 million Kenyans [to ransom]. Concede and relax so that many Kenyans can respect you more. The results were credible since the observers also okayed them,” Waweru said.

Nyokabi urged the opposition leaders to respect the will of Kenyans since the country is great than an individual.

“Kindly don’t burn this country since we are more than 45 million Kenyans, including your children and relatives. Give us time to build this country. We want to move forward,” she said.

DCI boss Ndegwa Muhoro urged residents to hold leaders to account.

“They must meet their pledges which they promised in their manifestos during their campaigns,” he said.

Muriku was a well known and sought-after master of ceremonies.

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