CoG protests involvement of state in governors’ takeover and swearing-in ceremonies

The Council of Governors has protested the involvement of the national government in planning and overseeing the governors’ swearing-in ceremony.

The governors say county governments are independent and should not to be put under surveillance by the national government.

This comes after the Devolution ministry yesterday announced the handover and swearing-in of the governors.

The swearing-in of governors starts today.

The events will be presided over by judges. The gazettement was done yesterday after the Attorney General approved notices on Monday.

In a statement on Wednesday, CoG chairman Josephat Nanok protested, dismissing the superiority of the national government. “The National government and the county government relate through the Intergovernmental Relations Act, which is a horizontal agency that brings together both levels of government,” he said.

Nanok also revealed that county governments had established a committee to facilitate the handing over process and swearing-in of the governors.

The committees established under the governor’s office will also be responsible in coordinating the briefings of the governor-elect by the relevant county public officers.

“The Ministry of Devolution and Planning must recognise that county governments are independent and have the full capacity to run their own affairs. They are not local authorities to be supervised by a national government ministry. The ministry is only a member of the committee and therefore has no place in supervising county governments and/or dictating the programme of the swearing-in of the governors,” the statement reads.

Nanok also poked holes into the involvement of the national government in pushing for accountability in the counties.

He said the move was in bad faith to demand that outgoing governors facing misappropriation of funds inquiries should present themselves before parliamentary committees when summoned.

“The Ministry of Devolution and Planning has no role in accountability matters of the counties. The oversight bodies designated for this are the Senate with limited powers, the county assemblies, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, and the Director of Public Prosecutions,” the statement reads.

According to the law, the assumption of office of the governor is guided by the Gazette Notice 6409 dated July 3, 2017, on the Framework for the Assumption of the Office of Governor.

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