CJ Maraga Is Fearless as he DROPS BOMBSHELL – For The Lord Has Built A Hedge Fire Him

This man Maraga…the King of the Jungle. Hatishiki, hatetemeshwi. Why? First because the Lord has built a hedge of fire around him. So these jubilee threats are nothing to him. Second because he does his job as is supposed to be.

He is upright, just and honest. How can a corrupt executive and legislature handle this paragon of integrity? See your lives. He has literally shaken the world.

Now let me top it up…as you keep yapping and digging to try get dirt on him and his faithful team of judges…remember if you continue with your corruption and lies oh JUBILEE, this man’s crown will blind you for he will have too many stars in his crown. For while you continue to degrade yourselves in the eyes of the world, this man is lifting Jesus up and through his testimony the Lord has drawn many to himself. Oh foolish philistines…learn to choose your battles and know when to surrender. For you can not wedge war on the almighty God. He will flatten you. Wisen up!

MARAGA. Kenya’s second enigma. The King of the jungle.


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