City Hall official on extortion spree caught red-handed in Embakasi

A City Hall official on an extortion spree has been after he was caught in the act at a construction site in Embakasi East.

Mr Joel Ndolo Makau, stationed at Ngando Ward in Dagoretti South, left his station and travelled across town to Embakasi where he has been on an extorting spree from businesses and construction sites.

Embakasi East sub-county administrator Charles Mutinda said cases of City Hall officials harassing residents have been rampant prompting investigations.

“In the last two months, I have received cases of extortion from the residents. On interrogating my officers, I found out that we might have imposters and after we asked residents to report we actually caught this particular person,” said Mr Mutinda.

Mr Mutinda said that Mr Ndolo had earlier gone to Soweto Police Station to ask for a reinforcement team to help him raid a construction site.

At the construction site, he asked for a bribe and later arrested Soweto Association chairman Mr Ireri Njagi, causing a public outcry.

“When extorting and getting bribes, he hires services of police officers nearby and a fake journalist,” said Mr Mutinda.

Mr Mutinda said that rogue police officers and retired City Hall officials have been harassing city residents by demanding for money in exchange for ghost services.

“Some residents are so gullible that they even have to pay fake county workers who write on fake receipts and promise to bring them licences,”said Mr Mutinda.

He cited parking, public health and licensing departments as the major most affected by City Hall imposters.

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