City Hall clamps down on motorists who evade paying for parking

The Nairobi City County government has raised its parking revenue collection by Sh200,000 a day since a clampdown started this week.

The county enforcement team has been clamping vehicles which have been defaulting on paying parking fees in a bid to seal loopholes in revenue collection.

Speaking to, the chairman of the revenue enforcement team, Dr John Ntoiti, said that over 60 vehicles have been impounded by city hall officials for not paying for parking.

He said indiscipline and impunity by motorists who refuse to pay for parking is a major hindrance to providing services to city residents.

Dr Ntoiti said that motorists come to town early and park in streets near their offices and only pay for parking if they spot parking attendants.

“Most of the car owners park near their offices and place someone to check out for city officials and once they spot them they rush to pay through the mobile phones,” said Dr Ntoiti.


He said that some collude with parking attendants to defraud the county.

He put them on notice saying that they (county) will soon catch up with them.

Dr Ntoiti’s team has been carrying operations in the city centre, River Road, Kirinyaga Road and Accra Road.

He added that the operation will go on for the next three months in a bid to raise the county’s revenue collection.

He also said that the enforcement team will continue evicting tenants who have not been paying rent for residential houses owned by City Hall.

On Tuesday tenants in Woodley estate where thrown out of the county residential houses over rent arrears.

Also targeted are tenants in Buru Buru, Joseph Kang’ethe, Jamhuri and Kamukunji estates.

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