Chinese who died on Mt Kenya cremated in Nanyuki

The body of a Chinese tourist who died on Sunday while climbing Mt Kenya has been cremated on in Nanyuki town.

It was a brief but emotional send-off for Fang Wenchao, 33, as his remains were placed on a specially prepared hearth for the interment at the simply constructed Nanyuki Crematorium.


Ms Tao Wei, the wife to the deceased, and his mother Fen Huipin wailed uncontrollably as they held onto the lifeless body covered in a gold coloured sheet before piles of firewood were placed on it.

The two were overcome with grief to witness the entire process and had to be assisted by relatives to take a rest inside as a van and watch the fierce flames consume the body.

They were expected to collect the ashes of their kin and fly with them back home.

Beside the six relatives of the deceased who witnessed the ceremony, the Chinese Embassy in Nairobi was represented by two officials. 

Kenya Wildlife Service officers and police officers were also present during the ceremony conducted by medics from Nanyuki Cottage Hospital.

The body was retrieved from Batian Peak, 5,000 metres above sea level, on Mt Kenya in a landmark airlift.


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